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Positive Mindset + Leadership


Positive Mindset + Leadership


Top 3 Leadership Speaker
in the World

17x Bestselling Author
of Over 30 Books

#1 Consultant to top CEO’s, NFL, NBA, and MLB Coaches, Championship Teams And High Performers

Inspirational Teacher Who’s Helped Millions Of People Have A More Positive Mindset


D.DiddyyTremendous Knowledge Gained
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Tremendous Knowledge Gained Just stumbled upon this podcast, and I am addicted. Such great knowledge and insights shared on every episode, thank you for this resource!
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Jon does an incredible job giving his audience so many positive tools to use from his books, speaking opportunities & now with this podcast! I’m a huge fan & I’ll be listening to next great pod he puts out…hopefully sooner than later!
MikeOdomGreat way to start the week positive!
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Jon Gordon’s podcast is a great way to learn tips from successful people in all walks of life. If you want to build great teams, learn how to overcome adversity or needs tips on how to be positive and be full of gratitude each week this is the perfect podcast. Jon and team, keep up the great work!
kat3416Such inspiration
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Jon Gordon is who I have turned to for the past 10 years when I have needed a pick me up or kick in the you know what! I first read Soup then The Energy Bus and they changed my life
smitchell0312So much good stuff!!!
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I just started listening, and I’m already hooked!! The positivity and wisdom is incredible. Total fan!



JON GORDON is a 17x bestselling author of more than 30 books and a top 3 leadership author, speaker and consultant who has worked with many of the most successful leaders, CEO’s, NFL, NBA, MLB Coaches, championship teams and companies on the planet.  He is also an inspirational teacher who has helped millions of people have a more positive mindset and a global influencer who impacts readers and audiences each week with his books, talks, newsletter, podcasts, and messages.

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